Shoplifting costs businesses an estimated $13 billion per year:

US shopping malls vary in size and services. ABA Protection Security Guards in Los Angeles secure large malls and local small strip-mall with only a few stores. All have one thing in common is opportunity for criminals to carry out their crimes. These crimes happen in stores, public open areas, cafeterias, restrooms, and parking lots. This is where customers are at greatest risk because of the comfortable and welcoming atmosphere of shopping malls provide. Largest threats in a commercial environment is theft and inventory loss. ABA Protection security guards will maintain visible presence within your commercial business is a excellent way to reduce shoplifting. Our mall security guards are trained to work in high traffic environment. Our security officers have a great track record of observing and arresting shoplifters in the act of committing a crime. ABA Protection security guards can dress either in visible security guard uniforms or plain clothes depending on our individual clients needs. ABA uniformed security guards provide mall security by preventing theft and plain clothes officers focus on catching suspects in the act of committing theft. Our mall security guards are usually assigned to one particular retail store or patrol between many stores or shopping areas within the mall. ABA has no limit to the level of protection our ABA security guards can provide while conducting mall security.

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