When a member of the crew or public approaches a filming location, the first person they will encounter will be a ABA Protection Security Officer and he/she will be a security officer in a high visibility uniform and he/she will be friendly, polite, informative as well as a vigilant Security Guard. These first impressions are important and will reflect the Movie Lot, the Location department and the Production as a whole. ABA Protection security guards will protect your film production 24/7 and give you a peace of mind. ABA specialize in providing security personnel who are able to work closely with producers, line producers, location managers and films crews to ensure equipment and facilities are secure. Security guards will provide cast and crew a safe environment. ABA will ensure that the film shoot is not disrupted by the general public, traffic or paparazzi. On a movie set, where time, in every sense of the term, is money, hiring ABA Protection will help to make sure shooting schedules are maintained, no matter what the location.

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