Large office buildings and office towers hire ABA Protection Security Guards in Los Angeles. Many buildings have security guards during day and night hours. ABA night security guards are also on duty when very few people are in the building. Their typical job involves making sure janitorial staff and other night employees are safe and that the building itself is not broken into or robbed. Night and Day security guards are essential. ABA Protection professional dressed security guards will patrol the floors, act as a security secretary on request, do spot cleaning while on patrol, greet your guests and clients, escort your employees, monitor your video surveillance system, provide parking enforcement, assist the HR with terminations, turn off lights and save you money on utility bills, help with deliveries and deal with your vendors, provide access control, and do many others tasks depending on your organization. ABA security guards can also prevent office vandalism, both inside and outside the building, as well as protect the building’s parking structure. Our visible security guards presence will give your office building a more professional look. Employees and visitors to the building will feel safer with ABA Protection security guards presence as well. It will be comforting to know that your business is being looked after and that everyone in the building is safe and work in a secure environment. Having ABA Protection a security guard company is definitely a smart move.

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